Leadership, here I come!

I was on the road early Tuesday, January 11, 2011. Little side note – how cool is this date? 1/11/11!

I left Smithfield, NC around 5:50 am. The trip started off with some light rain and icy roads. The first 20 minutes of the road trip started slow with the roads icy in spots and I saw my first accident but the guy was an idiot for going 50+ mph with the icy road as he had passed me and then spun out about 2 miles ahead of me on a hilly road. Anyway, after the 1st hour the roads improved and I was able to increase my speed.

The next area where I had to slow down on I40 was around Statesville, NC and we were down to one open lane in my direction but as I approached Asheville, NC the roads improved. Surprisingly, the trip through the Smoky Mountains was relatively uneventful and very beautiful.

I was very excited when i crossed into Tennessee. The remainder of the trip included patches of blowing snow, snow flurries, and wind gusts but nothing this former Minnesotan couldn’t handle.

We arrived at my friends home around 4:30 pm Central time – actually, I was surprised to find out that Nashville is in the Central time zone.

Well, I’m excited to be here and am looking forward to attending the seminar for Sr. Supervisors tonight called “manager reception – be there next year!”