Beautiful Blue Butterfly!

I just had to share this photo from my recent family trip to the Smoky Mountains!  We were traveling on the Newfound Gap and stopped to enjoy a hike as well as visiting a small working mill.  While photographing the mill, I noticed the orange flowers with this beautiful butterfly floating from flower to flower.

It has been a goal of mine to capture a butterfly with the use of photography.  I’ve taken photos of butterflies before but they just didn’t seem to pop.  When I saw this fellow I just knew the opportunity was ripe for the taking!  The only problem – a steep, wet incline with me at the top and this fellow towards the bottom. 

Patience was the rule of the day – my husband and son patiently waited in the background as I patiently waited for the right moment.  With some maneuvering, I was able to find some footing that brought me closer to this beauty and the butterfly cooperated by coming closer to me.  Actually, the butterfly didn’t seem to mind my presence at all which surprised me.

What Rules of Composition do you find in this photo?  There is the vibrant color of the flower and butterfly as well as the Rule of Thirds and Depth of Field! 

I hope you enjoy the photo!  This will definitely be going into our family vacation scrapbook. 

Sunny Stampin’ & Scrappin’!

Pam Staples