It’s the Snowflake Promotion Day.  There never has to be a reason to celebrate snowflakes.  They are so beautiful and pure.  I love watching the snow fall to the ground.  So beautiful and freash.  It glistens and sparkles on the ground and on roof tops.

So starting today, you can take advantage of this “Catch a Snowflake” promotion.  First of all, this is a great promotion with so many products.  Starting today, you can purchase products from this special promotion.  This is a limited time only promotion available only while supplies last, or November 30th.  Which ever comes first.  Stampin’ Up! has also release a few samples below to see what these products can do. 

Snowflake Showcase

Snowflake Promotion Day

Below you can see all the images included in the promotion.  are the images and I hope you are as excited as I am.  There are a variety of products to play with and use for your amazing creations.  Get an idea of what you can do from the samples below and then order your products and see what you can do yourself.  

Each card has a unique quality and design.  Snowflakes make me excited about the holidays.  Now take a look at the products available during this promotion.  Download the flyer here.

Pick out your favorite among the samples Stampin’ Up! has released and enjoy the creative inspiration.  There are so many options with these products. 

I hope you enjoy these products as much as I do.  You can actually use these products all year round which makes them so versatile.

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