Today has turned out to be pretty non-productive.  I was hoping to have a few photos to post tonight of my ORGANIZED SoSunny Studio but I just didn't get it done.  I think I need to purchase some organizational bins for odds and ends.  On another note, I've been dealing with 2 sick "babies" today, my husband and son!  My husband is actually the bigger baby of the two whereas my 16 mo. old son just wants to cuddle and kiss mommy of which I'm more than happy to accommodate him.

The hardest part of reorganizing and focusing on baby proofing is figuring out where to put things so I can find my supplies as well as feel comfortable with their location.  I am excited that I'll now be able to put up the Decor Elements I purchased back in September shortly after I finished painting my studio.

This has actually been a busy weekend.  On Friday, we had DirectTv installed which I'm loving although we do need to decide on what we are going to do about our internet.  At the moment we have broadband which I love but it means that we are unable to setup remote recordings for our DirectTv.  We could switch to a DSL line but I'm not certain that it will have the "oomph" that I need – or should I say, LIKE!  Although most of our neighbors use the local DSL service and they are VERY happy with quality along with the speed.  On Saturday, I installed new shelving in my SoSunny Studio, started reorganizing and then went to small group.  I also made these AWESOME French Canadian Apple Maple Pork Chops for our small group.

I'm entering the final stretch of my Thyroid Cancer follow up this week with a body scan on Friday.  I'll have 4 appointments this week starting tomorrow, I'll be seeing my specialist for the first appointment.  This will be a general appointment with an ultrasound of my neck and thyroid area along with my first Thyrogen injection .  Then I return on Tuesday for my second Thyrogen injection.  I should mention that it is a 40 minute drive to see my specialist!  On Wednesday, I have to go to the Hospital (another 40 minute drive!) to receive a dosage of Radioactive Iodine.  Thursday will be a relaxing day without any necessary trips.  On Friday, I'll return to the hospital at 7 AM for my full body scan.  I'm really praying that this will be my last body scan as I really do not like the procedure.  I will say that I've lost about 5 lbs this week because of the special diet I'm on.  I've had to prepare all my foods from fresh ingredients.  To be honest, I'm enjoying most of the meals that I've prepared but I'm also looking forward to going out to eat on Friday with my husband when I'm officially done with the restrictive diet. 

Now, the hardest part of this next week will be the 2 1/2 days that I'm not allowed to pick up or hug my son (or the kitty cat).  With my son not feeling well, he has really wanted to be held and every time I walk past him he'll start crying.  It is my understanding that I can be around him because the Radioactive Iodine is a very low dosage but that it isn't safe to hold him close or hug him.  I'll definitely need prayers to get through the 2nd part of this week and, well, I could use prayers that the results come back as negative showing that I've remained Cancer free these past 2 years.

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