Well, today was a busy day from an “early” morning start to a late evening. After the first General Session, we then went to our various classes! My first class to start with was I Am A Leader with Brian Pilling. Brian started out with the story of Goldie Locks and the Three bears… So at this point, I’m thinking where in the world is THIS going! Well, it ended up being a cute illustration that really worked well.

I wish I could adequately share his whole presentation but I couldn’t do it justice! For me, I personally summed it up that you have to find the medium ground between being a “Papa Bear” and “Mama Bear” with Baby Bear being just right! Papa Bear is the overbearing, dominating leader whereas the Mama Bear is the sweet, let’s be best bud’s type leader. Then, in the middle is Baby Bear which consists of a middle ground between them where you ask questions and help your downline fine the answers THEY need. You provide a balance of knowledge and encouragement while letting them find their way.

The “I Am a Leader” class was excellent and really started me thinking about how I am a leader along with how I can improve and become a better leader. The session ended challenging us to come up with one thing we were going to do different and how we were going to challenge our downline…

I’m really excited about building my downline, reaching out and becoming a better leader. Oh, and we can ALL be better leaders. Leadership comes in all forms and my goal is to be a “good” leader! Just so you know… I’m working on improving my leadership skills!

Here is a picture of Brian… Don’t you just LOVE the bright green shirt!