I’m in the midst of Day 2 at the Stampin’ Up! 2012 Convention! This morning started very early with our first General Session. I have to say that I’m really loving the theme “I Am”… So, here is my first photo from the General Session:


The best part of the first day and the first General Session has got to be the opening song. This song is written and performed by Stampin’ Up! Employees. It is totally amazing how awesome these songs and productions are. I really wish you could be here to experience convention! Here is another photo of the opening song:


The first session also included a brief word and welcome from Shelli followed by a really quick demonstration! Shelli is such a wonderful, loving and caring woman. She is so vibrant and really helps set the tone. Here is Shelli welcoming all the demonstrators to the 2012 Stampin’ Up! Convention.


The highlight of the first General Session was a Guest Speaker. Jason Dorsey did a wonderful presentation about Generation Y as well as how each Generation relates to each other. He was SPOT on with his assessment and SOOOO funny! I loved what he had to share. I’m GenX and had to laugh especially as he was right on as I was typing my notes on my iPad.

So, to see a hilarious photo of Jason at convention sharing, visit my facebook page by clicking below: