So Cool!  My Husband MADE me a Valentine!

I just had to share with all of you what my husband made at the “Manly Valentine” class that he attended at my upline, Jen Krieger’s, class.  It was so wonderful that she offered this class. 

If you know my husband, he really does NOT like “crafty” projects and will proclaim to just about anyone that he doesn’t have a crafty bone in his body.  Well, I personally think he did a great job!  If you think so, I encourage you to leave a comment on my blog telling him he did a great job.

The fact that he made the effort and went outside his comfort zone to create these two valentines, is absolutely endearing and makes my heart just flutter.  The projects use mostly Stampin’ Up! products but I’m not certain where he got the cupcakes frome that are on the box.  I’m pretty certain the “ticket” on the front of the booklet was printed on cardstock, cut out then the ticket punch was used to make it look like a ticket.

So…  Here are the two valentine projects that he made:

BOX:  Real Red 12×12 Cardstock
COVER:  Sending Love Designer Series Paper
BOOKLET:  Real Red Cardstock
ACCENT:  Sending Love Designer Series Paper
RIBBON:  Real Red Satin Ribbon
BORDER:  Pinking Hearts Border
BINDING:  Embossed with Stampin’ Up! Backgrounds 1
INSIDE:  Glassine Rectangle Envelopes

Inside each Glassine envelope, my husband pasted various love poems from various authors then included scripture from the bible.  The booklet is his favorite and definitely from the heart based on the research he did to find some classical love poetry.  I do have to say that I did enjoy opening the cupcake box and finding some beautiful non-edible gifts.