Hello everyone…

This is actually just a test post. I noticed that the date of my posts had not been showing up and was wondering what was going on. Well, I looked closer at my blogger settings and realized that my date format was accidentally changed. I’ve now changed the settings in the hope that the date of my posts will now show up.

Sooo… I’m doing a second post about SunnyGirlScrap Custom Scrapbook Designs!

Don’t have time to scrapbook?
Don’t feel you have the artistic abilities to scrapbook?
Don’t like to do many crafts?

BUT you…

Love the look of a traditional scrapbook?

Then call SunnyGirlScrapper Pam for your custom scrapbook needs! I love to scrapbook and will treat you to a sunny day with a beautiful, custom traditional scrapbook of your latest family outing, event, or vacation.

I offer different packages that should meet everyone’s needs along with a monthly page club for as little as $37.00 a month (not including supplies). Supplies are purchased by you separately preferably through my Stampin’ Up! business. I do state a minimum purchase of $500.00 but that is not set in stone and is based more on what you want as far as the complexity of your scrapbook.

Email me if you are interested at sunnygirlscraps (at) gmail (dot) com