Yes, I love you! When I was single, I dreaded the coming of Valentines Day because it meant all those couples “In Love” would be going out to celebrate. It was a holiday that just made me a little depressed.

Now I have my special someone (and, no, I don’t mean my Little Guy, Caleb). The love of my life is Mike! Sometimes we forget to show our love for each other in tangible ways by just getting caught up in our daily lives and that is where I’ve learned Valentines Day reminds us to love those that are in our lives even if they are single. Sometimes, the best way to show that love is by sending them a special card or note telling them that we care and are thinking about them.  Of course, CHOCOLATE is always appreciated 😉

To help me show my love, I enjoy creating handmade cards, 3D projects and scrapbooks. Lately, I’ve been more focused on creating handmade cards and wanted to share one of my latest creations.