Happy Birthday To You…

Happy Birthday, dear Caleb, Happy Birthday to you!

Caleb is ONE!  Today we celebrated our sons 1st birthday.  Well, actually he turned a year old on September 21st but since we had just returned home from vacation we opted not to have his birthday party celebration until today, October 9th!  The past few days have been crazy as we’ve been trying to pull all the details together.  But we knew all the hard work would be worth the effort.

We had originally invited approximately 45 families including relatives although we knew our relatives would not be able to attend.  Then we found out a neighbor was getting married today so a majority of neighbors that we had invited would not be able to attend.  Our final count came down to 4 families and a few other friends that had said they would be at the party.

Pin Wheel & Candy Wrapper Party Favors!

For decorations, I made pinwheels to decorate our driveway and the Celebrations party hats.  The party favors I made were from the Candy Wrapper die done on my Big Shot with party bubbles placed inside the finished “candy wrapper.”   I was surprised at how well the party bubbles fit inside the candy wrapper.  The the kids loved the candy wrappers and were thrilled with the party bubbles inside.  I also had a piece of Whisper White paper sitting next to the party favors for guests to “autograph” and leave a birthday wish for Caleb.  The sheet will then go in Caleb’s 1st Birthday Scrapbook.

I also created a custom banner letting everyone know that we were celebrating Caleb’s 1st birthday.  The banner was created using the Celebrations Party Banner from Stampin’ Up!  Below are two photos showing the banners hanging up over our garage entrance.

The party actually got off to a slow start.  The first family showed up just a little past 12:30 which was the start time for the party then the 2nd family showed up at 1pm but we knew they would be late.  When the other families had not shown up around 1:30 we decide to eat.  In the meantime, I called the other guests we were expecting and one family thought the party was on Sunday so they jumped in the car and came over.  The other family actually arrived after their son’s soccer game.  Overall, we had a lot of fun and have some great memories.  Caleb really seemed excited about his gifts and has already played with most of the toys.  When he gets excited, Caleb has a cute little laugh and he starts squeezing his hand together like he is waving bye-bye.

Caleb with his friends Aliana and Luke.

For the party, I also tried my hand at making his birthday cake.  We had thought about having a professional cake made but never got around to ordering the cake.  A friend had mentioned doing an Elmo cake for their son so I checked out my options and decided to make a Teddy Bear cake since Caleb’s nickname is Boo Boo Bear or Little Bear.  The cake really was a hit and so cute.  Oh, and I think the cake tasted good and the frosting was perfect.  This photo of the Teddy Bear Cake shows one of Caleb’s little friends peaking around the cake.  We were not 100% certain how this cake would turn out so we had also purchased a sheet cake as a back up.  It ends up we didn’t need the sheet cake because everyone wanted a piece of the Teddy Bear cake.  The kids especially made certain I knew that they wanted “Teddy Bear Cake!”

Luke looks on as the

Caleb’s friend Lydia and her Mom checking out his cake mess!

I hope you’ve enjoyed sharing in my son’s 1st birthday celebration.  If you like what you see for party decorations, I do offer assistance in planning parties and weddings by providing party favors, custom invitations, decorations and thank you notes.

Now… This is only a teaser post!  You’ll be seeing more about Caleb’s Party during the Royal Blog Tour because the stamp set that I’m featuring is a key element to his birthday decorations…  So, come back the first weekend of November to see which stamp set I used and how I used the stamp set to help decorate for his birthday bash.

Sunny Stampin’ & Scrappin’!

Pam Staples


Celebrations Party Banner (118718)
Celebrations Party Hats (118716)
Bigz L Die Candy Wrapper (120890)