Flower Power!

Last night I attended the “Flower Power” party at the 2010 Stampin’ Up! Convention. It was lots of fun and there were definitely some crazy “60’s outfits” to be found. Me… well, I just wore the great Tie Die T-Shirt that my roommate, Lisa Johnson made me with the help of her daughters along with a cute 60’s style necklace.

Here is a quick video as we were waiting to get into the Flower Power party!

Oh, another quick note and plug for the FLIP Video Camera… I LOVE the FLIP Slide which Caleb and Mike bought me for Mother’s Day! It is so fun and easy to use, now I just need to learn to edit videos :)… If you want an easy, fun video camera, I HIGHLY recommend the FLIP Slide…

So, if you are at home and not here in Salt Lake City, Utah, then go do some Stampin’ and Scrappin’!

Sunny Stampin’!

Pam Staples