Stamping on Candles Technique

Oh, am I excited about this little project!  Next week I have my first Holiday Helper Class scheduled.  This class is stamping on candles.  Before today, I had never tried the stamping on candles technique.  Well, I knew I needed to practice and try the technique before I actually taught the class.  I did my research by perusing the internet looking at various written and video tutorials.  There are definitely a fair number of different styles and variations on the technique.  Once I had a good understanding of the technique, I went to get the necessary tools needed to stamp on a candle!

Now, you might be asking what Stampin on Candles has to do with being a “Fun and Unique Wedding Favor!”  The idea came to me when I noticed some unused candles on a shelf that were from my wedding back in May 2005.  These are small square, 2″ x 2″, light pink candles.  My first thought was that it might be fun to use these candles for my practice efforts knowing I wouldn’t be upset if I ruined them.  Then I thought of the Wedding Personalized Stamps offered by Stampin’ Up!  How cool would it be to make a small wedding favor stamping on a small candle using a personalized wedding stamp.  I know that if I had known about stamping on candles when I was making my wedding favors that I probably would have gone with the idea.

Once you see how cute these little candles are you’ll want to try this project yourself!  It was super quick and very easy.  I would love to help you out and if you need any supplies, my Stampin’ Up! Store is open 24/7 and can be accessed by clicking HERE!  I’m also available to answer your questions and you can email me at

For this project I decided to use the heart from the Paisley Prints stamp set.

Project Instructions:

Here are the steps that I took along with some improvisations since I didn’t have some of the supplies on hand that I originally thought I had.

1)  Stamped the Paisley Prints Heart on a kleenex tissue (2 ply separated – originally suggested wrapping tissue paper stamping on the shiny side) using Melon Mambo.

2) Cut the stamped image out then lightly glued to the candle so it wouldn’t move.

3)  Used Parchment Paper (originally suggested wax paper) wrapped tightly around the candle with extra to hold onto.  The key to this step is to make certain there are no air bubbles or wrinkles in the parchment paper or stamped tissue.

4)  Using my heat gun, I slowly waved the heat gun over the image while closely watching for the wax to melt under the parchment paper and the tissue paper to “disappear.”

5) Removed the parchment paper and let the wax cool.

The final product are these cute little candles with hearts which would make a great gift or wedding favor!  I am now ready to teach my customers this technique and feel confident in my knowledge that they will walk away having learned a fun, quick and easy technique.

Stampin’ Up! Supplies:

Ink:  Classic Melon Mambo (115656)
Stamp Set:  Paisley Prints (w: 120817; c: 121121)

Sunny Stampin’ and Scrappin’!

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