Here is another page from the digital scrapbook that I recently created.  Now… You should know that these are just "sneak peaks" that I'm sharing especially as these digital scrapbooks are gifts for the Grandparents.  Well, know that I think about it…

I know my parents have already seen the book since Caleb's Great Grandma Joyce received her Digital Scrapbook a bit early on December 13th which meant she has already shared it with Grandma & Grandpa Schmidt.  They don't "officially" know they are getting one but they have probably guessed that there will be a digital scrapbook under the Christmas tree for them.  You know what I mean! 

Now, I'm fairly certain Grandma & Grandpa Staples don't know about their Christmas gift unless one of the nieces spilled the beans and told them which I hope hasn't happened.  Grandma & Grandpa Staples do get to open their gift early on Grandpa Staples birthday which is December 23rd – by the way – Happy Birthday, Grandpa Staples!

As I think about it, Digital Scrapbooks are a great way to create a meaningful and thoughtful gift for multiple family members.  Once you have designed your digital scrapbook it is so easy to print multiple copies.  OK… The more I think about digital scrapbooking, I'm becoming more and more of a fan especially as a way to create a beautiful, handmade, from the heart type of gift.  I'll still do my traditional scrapbooks for myself, husband and son but know I have other options for the extended family.

So, here is a Christmas themed Digital Scrapbook page.  This page actually brings tears to my eyes.  I can't believe it has already been a year (well almost a year) since all these photos and memories were created. Caleb has grown so much this past year.

Christmas Layout


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