Booking A Workshop!

Today, Stampin’ Up! was hosting a Book-A-Thon!  I’ve made a ton of phone calls and booked a couple of workshops!  It has been a challenge. 

When I make these calls, my heartbeat goes wild and I have a tendency to get really nervous!  I’ve always had a phone phobia and have never been one to talk on the phone for very long.  So, when it comes to calling family, friends and customers about booking a workshop I freeze up and sometimes never get around to actually asking the questions.  The thing is I really enjoy doing workshops!  They are so much fun for me and I especially enjoy meeting new people.  Oh, yeah, sales form workshops are always nice but are not high on my priority list.  My desire is to share my passion for creating handmade cards, scrapbook pages, 3D projects and usable home decor!  It is always rewarding when someone at a workshop has an “ah-ha” moment.

So, why should you book a workshop!  There are various reasons for holding a workshop and maybe you should consider saying “yes” to your demonstrator.  When you say “yes” to hosting a workshop you can expect to receive some standard benefits but there are also other benefits to hosting a workshop!

Here are a few things you can expect from me and Stampin’ Up! when you host a workshop:

  •   Free products from Stampin’ Up! as part of their hostess package
  •   Exclusive Hostess Stamp Sets and product
  •   Fun time with friends 
  •   The hostess receives ALL the items that I demonstrate at the workshop!
  •   The hostess receives a special gift from me as a thank you for hosting the workshop!  The gift varies from month to month.
  •   My expertise!
  •   My “Sunny” outlook on life!
  •   A special little thank you to each person that orders from the workshop!
  •   When someone books a workshop from your workshop, you both receive a special thank you 3D gift!

So, would you consider hosting a workshop?   I do travel for workshops and have hosted workshops as far away as Minnesota on behalf of friends and family.  If you would be interested in hosting a workshop, please call me at (919) 995-4564 or by emailing me at!  On the rare occasion that I cannot do a workshop for you due to the distance involved, I will help match you up with another demonstrator.

Again, if you would be willing to host a workshop!  Please call me.  I look forward to hearing from you and helping you find your inner creativity.

Sunny Stampin’ & Scrappin!

Pam Staples