I’m planning a “Week (end) long Crop” possibly for early December. We have a timeshare that we MUST use before January 11, 2010 and DH is short on vacation time this year so we are thinking of using our exchange for a week in Williamsburg, VA resort for scrapbooking and sightseeing. I could have 5 ladies at approx. $130.00 for the week or long weekend (without food) and it would cover the cost of the exchange. The price is NOT set in stone yet and may actually be less than $130.00 but, again, it depends on our exchange and where we end up going along with the addition of taxes.

I’m hoping to go back to Kings Creek Plantation in Williamsburg, VA. The townhouses are gorgeous with plenty of space for 6 people. Anyone interested would be welcome to come for the whole week or for the weekend.