Blue Ribbon Stamp Set

Featured Stamp Set for July 2012


I'm so excited about the July 2012 Featured Stamp Set!  The Blue Ribbon stamp set is so much fun and I'm definitely enjoying my time exploring this fun stamp set.   If you have made your way to this page and are thinking about joining my Stamp Set of the Month Club, let me just say welcome!  I hope you find inspiration by the samples I provide and decide to join the Stamp Set of the Month club.  My goal is to provide you with a superb, handmade samples featuring Stampin' Up! products that are fairly easily recreated.  If you haven't already visited the general page explaining my Stamp Set of the Month Club, then you'll want to click HERE to read the specifics of the club.

I will let you know that the first card below includes two stamp sets including the Clockworks stamp set.  At this time, I'm planning that the Clockworks stamp set will be the August 2012 featured Stamp Set that I will be featuring for the Stamp Set of the Month club.


Blue Ribbon Stamp Set of the Month Club


Again, I hope you find inspiration with these samples and decide to join my Stamp Set of the Month Club.  Join today and start receiving great stamp set such as the Blue Ribbon Stamp Set along with three completed samples including instructions that you can recreate.  To join, click the "Subscribe" button below then select "Stamp Set of the Month Club" and fill out ALL fields required so I can get your stamp set along with card samples sent directly to you.  Please note that once I receive notification that you have signed up, I will send a confirmation email and if you do not receive a confirmation email from me within 48 hours please check your spam folder or contact me directly at the email address below to verify that I received your registration information.

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