A New Quilting Tool!

Yep! Did you know that the Big Shot, although not “new” is starting to pop up as a great tool for quilters?

On of the great features about the Big Shot is that it cuts through various types of materials including FABRIC!  You can quickly cut Scallop Squares using the Scallop Die in your Big Shot then sew those squares together for a traditional block quilt.  Another option is to use a variety of different Big Shot dies to create your own design.  At Leadership 2010, Stampin’ Up! passed out quilted squares showcasing what you can do with the Big Shot as a quilter.

Now, as for me, my ONE foray into the quilting world was only semi-successful.  I started making a quilt about 13 years ago as a wedding gift for my Brother and Sister-In-Law, well, the quilt top is complete but no additional progress has been made!  We joke that maybe it could be a 15th or 20th or maybe a 25th Wedding Anniversary gift for my Brother and his wife.  We’ll just have to see what happens.

In the meantime, I love what people have been doing with the Big Shot and fabric including the flower fold pins and Rag Purses.  I do think I’ll be making a Rag Purse for myself especially since they remind me of my favorite DESIGNER purses created by Vera Bradley.

If you love to quilt or know anyone that is a quilter, I encourage you to share my BLOG with them so they can check out the free pattern being offered by Stampin’ Up!  Click on the following for a FREE PDF pattern.