Stampin' Up! Convention 2012

I Am Doing Business "My Way"

One of the most amazing classes I attended during Convention 2012 is the "I Am Doing Business "My Way"" class hosted by Bonnie Thurber with Rhonda Wade and Tami White sharing how they do and run their Stampin' Up! Business.  It was wonderful hearing from Rhonda Wade and Tami White as they shared how they run their Stampin' Up! business.  Both demonstrators have thriving businesses and were wonderful in that they took the time to share how they do it. 

Here is Bonnie Thurber talking about Rhonda Wade and Tami White as the presenters for "I Am Doing Business "My Way"" at Convention 2012.

I Am Doing Business My Way with Rhonda Wade and Tami White

Rhonda Wade shared how she does Private Classes in the homes of her hostesses!  Now, I admit I've taken Rhonda's class on how to do Private Classes yet, I haven't implemented the change in my own life yet.  After hearing her speak in person, I'm so motivated to do Private Classes!  I love the idea that this is a class and not a "workshop."  I've never really had any success with workshops and honestly don't enjoy doing them whereas I love the class setting.  With a Private Class, each attendee pays a flat fee to make a select number of cards / projects which they take home.  There is no hard sales push although, if there are any sales, the hostess would receive the benefits.  Basically, the class fee pays for the materials and my time.  The hostess also receives all the projects that I make ahead of time for the class so it is a win-win for her and for me.

Tami White shared how she does a hybrid style Stamp Club.  Over the past year I've tried to start clubs with my local clients and they just haven't taken off.  I do love her "concept" and how she runs the Hybrid Stamp Clubs.  They are not traditional with everyone coming on the same day at the same time.  Instead, she holds club meetings once or twice a month the whole day with club members signing up for a time slot to attend.  Now she, has a significant number of club members.  Over time, this is the type of club I would love to offer!

Now that I've shared how Rhonda Wade and Tami White work their businesses, I would like to ask if there are any local readers in the Raleigh / Smithfield / Goldsboro area that would be interested in hosting a Private Class with me!  If you email or call me to schedule a Private Class by August 3rd, 2012, I will have a special GIFT for you.   My email is [email protected] or my phone number is (919) 995-4564.


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Pam Staples