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I Am A Leader with Brian Pilling


So, what does Goldilocks and the Three Bears have to do with being a "Leader?" The very first class that I took at the Stampin' Up! Convention 2012 was called I Am a Leader…

Now, I've been a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator since March 23, 2009. When I signed up, I intended to be a "hobby demonstrator" with maybe a few sales here and there only to get me through the waiting period as we were on the wait list to adopt our first child. I never intended to be a leader… It was just me.  When I signed my first recruit, I really didn't know what to do. It was no longer just "me" but there was an "us!" I was now a LEADER! I've got to admit that I have not really perceived myself as a leader yet I am.

So, we all know that in Goldilocks & the Three Bears we have Papa Bear, Mama Bear and Baby Bear. The way Brian Pilling talked about the three bears was to create an association of different leadership styles. All I can say, I have pretty much fallen under the "Mama Bear" leadership style trying to be all "mushy" and "soft." Not really taking any stance as to leading my downline but just trying to be a friend.

So, my goal is to become more like Baby Bear – the "Just" right leader! The goal is to influence my downline, ask questions and help them find the answers they need to GROW with Stampin' Up! For me it is about guiding and building on the strengths of my downline while maintaining balance in my life as a leader. This will be a balancing act between the Papa Bear and Mama Bear leadership style.

Ultimately, my goal is to see my downline GROW:

G = Grow: Asking what they want as a demonstrator

R = Reality: What is their current status quo and discussing their goals!

O = Options: Exploring together the options they have to grow their business… What does that look like? How are we going to accomplish their goals together?

W = Way Forward… Taking the step and moving forward.

If I were to write out all my thoughts this blog post would go on forever! So, I'm going to end here with a picture of Brian Pilling from Convention 2012…  Isn't he a cute Kitty!  Thanks Brian for a fun class at Convention 2012! I'm looking forward to Convention 2013!

Brian Pilling Convention 2012


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