I'm here now to tell you that the regularly scheduled programing for tonight has been interrupted! 

We had a neighborhood grass fire tonight which resulted in the family decision to pack up the animals and the baby for an unplanned "drive."  Our little adventure started with my husband heading out of the house for a quick errand to buy Milk for Caleb since we were all out.  Within seconds of his leaving the house Mike calls me to tell me that there is a grass fire just a few houses down the block and he was driving around the block to meet us and that I should grab Caleb to get out of the house.

So, I grabbed Caleb and put his pants on then went out to the car getting Caleb into his car seat along with herding the puppy dogs into the back of the truck while my husband grabbed the kitty cat.  After everyone was safely in the car we headed out to the grocery store in the process driving by the grass fire.  Thankfully, the fire department isn't too far from our subdivision and arrived quickly to put out the grass fire.  We are thrilled to report that there was no major property damage and that the grass fire is out.

So, tomorrow, I plan to return to my regularly set programing with a new project.  Stay tuned….

Sunny Stampin’ & Scrappin’!

Pam Staples