Tonight, I'm sharing my SoSunny Studio!  I absolutely love my stamping and scraping studio.  It has been a work in progress now for a while and to be honest it will probably always be a "work in progress."  In early September, I painted the walls a light green similar to Certainly Celery.  The color is so peaceful and serene providing a relaxing atmosphere perfect for creating my little masterpieces. 

The arrangement of my working space has evolved.  The two tables provide plenty of space for me to work and for my husband to also join me at the table.  We still have room near the tables for our son to be on the floor and play but now that he is crawling and more mobile, he has discovered "mommy's" space.  Our next step will be to child proof the craft space and part of that transition includes installing shelving on the wall above my craft cubes.  This will allow me to move items that are unsafe for little hands up higher as well as increase storage space for items I'm not using but like to have extra of on hand.

Here is my working space which also shows of my craft cubes in the background.  The shelving we have purchased will go above the craft cubes and the small bookshelf will be removed to increase the amount of usable "counter" space on top of the craft cubes:

This photo is a close up of the storage I set up for the Clear Mount Stamp Sets along with my punch storage.  Both the rods and DVD holders are from IKEA:


Finally, I must share a photo of my "little crawler!"  He is getting so big and looking more like a "toddler."  We are very excited that he is starting to crawl and I love how curious he is of his surroundings along with his desire to seek out the puppy dogs.  When he REALLY gets going fast those poor doggies and the kitty while find little solace.

Sunny Stampin’ & Scrappin’!

Pam Staples