Let me introduce you to the Digital Design Heritage Scrapbook page!  This past weekend, I was in Minnesota for my Grandma's memorial service.  She passed away on March 22, 2011 living 85 1/2 years with 40 of those years having lived with MS.  When my grandma passed away, my mom asked if I would put together a photo montage featuring photos of my grandma.  I quickly started receiving photos of grandma from various family members and had to decide HOW I was going to successfully put together this project.

Since I would be traveling from North Carolina to Minnesota with my infant son, I knew the project had to be kept "manageable."  That is when I though of using My Digital Studio to create the project.  Originally, I thought I would create Heritage themed scrapbook pages which in a 12×12 format that I could then have printed at a local photo printing service.  It was a great idea but quickly eliminated because of the potential expense.  There was also the consideration that I was creating this project with very limited time.

With a little more investigation, I realized I could create a DVD slide show of the Digitally designed heritage scrapbook pages.  Although this was an emotionally draining project it was also lots of fun along with being very interesting!  I discovered that I look a LOT like my Great Grandma and that my Grandma was a beautiful woman.  We also found some great photos of my Grandma as a baby, toddler and young girl including her Confirmation Photo.  I was able to scan all these photos onto the computer then create scrapbook pages with a heritage and vintage feel using My Digital Studio.

Over the next few days and weeks, I'll be sharing the digitally designed Heritage Scrapbook pages which I think you'll really enjoy.  There will also be tips on using My Digital Studio and more.

Here is the first Digital Design Heritage Scrapbook Page!  This digital Scrapbook page doesn't have any photos you'll notice but is a poem.  This is a poem that we found written in my Grandma's handwriting which we figure she wrote down around the time she was working in a factory while her boyfriend/fiance was overseas fighting in World War II.  Grandpa was a member of the Flying Tigers as a tail gunner and I'm certain this poem held lots of meaning to her. 

For a Digital Design scrapbook page on DVD we discovered that it is important to have a non-cluttered background when there is wording otherwise it isn't "readable" on a TV when played as a DVD video.  I kept the background on this page uncluttered using the Pretty In Pink digital card stock.  The embellishment on the right includes the Night & Day digital designer series paper with the Antique Brads.

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